Why Self-Publish Through DTC Press?

Positive Branding

DTC Press offers an established respectable brand for your book.  We only publish books that send a positive message with a portion of the proceeds going to Devotion To Children – an organization which funds affordable quality childcare to those families who can’t afford it.

More Distribution and Marketing Options

Publishing through DTC Press allows you the flexibility to distribute and market through many platforms without restrictions. The sky is the limit with DTC Press. Every book published via DTC Press will have the opportunity to be promoted through events associated with Devotion To Children such as the Red, Heart, & Soul Gala, TV and radio media events, book signings, and other various events via the Devotion To Children network.

Project Management

Our self-publishing consultants will provide you with end-to-end assistance that will allow you to publish your book at a low cost. We will provide you with as much or as little help as needed, within your budget, using tried and true resources to guide you with all phases of your project.

 Here are some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Editorial – Developmental/substantive, Copyediting, and proofreading of your book.
  • Design – Book Cover design to best represent and market your book
  • Formatting– We will help you with the formatting of your book for printing of hard and soft-copy books, ebooks, and physical book printing for brick and mortar store sale.
  • Copyright – We can help with your copyright registration application.
  • Distribution/Marketing – We will use the DTC Press network to manage your distribution accounts and market your book through proven marketing methods to get you and your book publicity through Author and Book Websites, Social Media Accounts, Book Signings, Radio and TV spots.